The refreshing quality of new

It’s a good piece of advice: always be open to trying new things, for in no other way will you learn. It’s so good that it sounds almost like a proverb. Either way, the next time that you go into your favorite casino – whether land-based or online – and you prepare to make for the Blackjack tables, you should try playing Elimination Blackjack rather than regular Blackjack. Yes – just the word “elimination” is enticing, no? The threat of being constantly cut out only motivates a real player to learn and to work even harder.

Elimination Blackjack

The list of rules for Elimination Blackjack is as follows:

*The dealer must hit on a hand of soft 17 and anything below, and must stay on hard 17 and anything above.
*The player is allowed to split pairs as many as four times, except with Aces.
*The game is played with six decks.
*A player bet must place bets that fall within the range established at the Blackjack table
*A player may choose to surrender, and therefore receive half of the original bet.
*The player is allowed to buy insurance if the face-up card for the dealer is an Ace.
*A player may perform a double down only with two cards.
*No more than seven players per table.
*A player only has twenty five seconds to make a decision to hit or stand. In an “elimination hand,” though, there are 45 seconds.
Elimination Blackjack is often played in tournaments in which many players are vying for the Blackjack Champion title (hence its name). There are three ways in which a player may be eliminated in one of these tournaments: 1) losing all of his or her chips, 2) not being able to meet the minimum bet limit, and 3) being the player with the smallest number of chips after a specified number of hands – usually 8, 16, and 25. Hence, these are called “elimination hands” giving the game its name.