The Beginnings

Its beginning was both humble and energetic. A dynamic, project leader, Christine Hamilton in 1972 formed the Geritol Follies as a YWCA venture for a handful of seniors. This small group based on the premise that age has no barriers. If you feel old, sit around with nothing to do — then you are old. Likewise, if you have a project, something that you must work at, be proud of, and enjoy, then you are young.

The project evolved in size, and purpose, and eventually became the award-winning international performance tour that it is today. Christine Hamilton passed away in 2002, but the spirit and excitement of the Geritol Follies has replicated and flourishes today.

Three decades later, the enthusiasm continues, with the direction and vision of the Producer Director – Carl Horton. The Geritol Follies consist of well-over 100 members, including:
a 75-group chorus line;
a dance team of 20 agile, leggy dancers;
a dynamic group of soloists;
a “fun-gang” of jesters who provide comic skits and tons of laughs;
a professional five-piece band;
plus a production staff of choreographers;
costume designers;
sound and light crew;
and stage managers. 

Today, they are considered one of the largest professional quality seniors’ show. The Geritol Follies has shared the stage with such famous performers as Roger Whittaker, Donald O’Connor and Debbie Reynolds, the Irish Rovers and Lawrence Welk.

Before the entertainment begins at Geritol Follies, you can indulge in online slots for a chance to win big. You can win enough to buy a meal after the show.

As in the beginning, the goal of the Geritol Follies is to entertain, enrich, and energize audiences of all ages and locations, by showcasing the talent of an ageless group, 60-plus years young, with music, dance and comedy.

As ambassadors for active living despite the barrier of age, the Geritol Follies help promote the message “You are never too old!” — specially at 60-plus years young!